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    “This is the best little bit of money that I spend every month. I look forward to learning simple techniques that work and make my life better. I love the personal attention the teacher provides and interacting with a community of like-minded people. Lots of resources are also provided for more in-depth study if you so choose. Highly recommended!”

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    “I really feel like your help and great info has been so helpful for me. You are so helpful. We all go through crap times but your support to me has been great. It has helped even though I don’t always post. I could go on with so many examples of driftwood. Thanks for doing this!”

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    “If you are truly serious about your spiritual growth but have felt like there was something missing in your attempts and understanding of the many ways to go about it -this work is for you. Michelle takes you directly to the point of all your pursuits in a direct and no nonsense way. After reading this you will know exactly what you need to do. Then how to do it will flow. Thanks Michelle for being a beacon of light.”

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